E83 | INTERVIEW: Scott Callender

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E78 | Fixer Upper: Coffee Techs

Pardon the audio quality on this one, Wes Skypes in Jesse who is sitting in a rustling café in the middle of Seattle WA. to talk about what a coffee tech is and why they play a vital role in the coffee chain.   References: La Marzocco: Website, Instagram   Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcast […]


E76 | INTERVIEW: KRUVE Inc. Is there a new language for grind setting? Jesse meets with Adam and Marek of KRUVE Inc. to talk about why people should be using their product, the KRUVE Sifter, to calibrate their grinders for a more controlled cup of coffee in the café and at home. KRUVE Inc.: Instagram: @KRUVEinc […]