E74 | INTERVIEW: Selim Vural the Coffee Architect

Jesse and Wes have invited The Coffee Architect Selim Vural onto the show to discuss how design (interior and exterior) play a role in a coffee shop’s overall success. Selim is the architect behind gorgeous Manhattan coffee shops like Tobys Estate and Irving Farm’s 8th location.   Selim Vural & Studio Vural: Instagram: @studiovural Website: […]

E73 | INTERVIEW: Brandywine Coffee Roasters

Jesse solos this episode in talks with Todd Purse, the Illustrator behind Brandywine Coffee Roaster’s unique bag branding.   Brandywine Coffee Roasters Instagram: @BrandywineCoffeeRoastersWebsite: www.BrandywineCoffeeRoasters.com Todd Purse Instagram: @toddde85 Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcastSend us messages or podcast ideas at www.TheCoffeePodcast.org

E71 | INTERVIEW: Coast 2 Coast Roast

Join Wes, Jesse, and Cristina as they talk about Coast 2 Coast Roast—a pen pal social experiment for specialty coffee lovers.  References:Coast 2 Coast Roast InstagramCoast 2 Coast Roast Website Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcastSend us messages or podcast ideas at www.TheCoffeePodcast.org

E70 | INTERVIEW: Huckleberry Roasters

Join us today as we dive deep into the heart of Denver Colorado with the folks from Huckleberry, Koan and Mark! These guys have a ton of Knowledgeable insights on the trials and successes of starting a coffee company. Contact: HuckleberryRoasters.com – website @huckleberryroasters – Instagram  Follow us on Instagram @TheCoffeePodcastSend us messages or podcast ideas at www.TheCoffeePodcast.org

E69 | INTERVIEW: Third Wave Water

Wes and Jesse join the folks from Third Wave Water. Taylor Minor and Charles Nick are the brains and brawn behind this awesome new product. A product which easily has the potential to revolutionize the coffee industry. Contact: Third Wave Water – Check out their website!Kickstarter campaign – Join the movement!Instagram – Give them a […]

E57 | INTERVIEW: KitchenAid

Join Wes and Jesse in an interview with Dan, the Senior Category Manager of Coffee & Tea with KitchenAid’s small appliances and John, the Senior Design Manager for KitchenAid’s small appliances to talk about the new craft coffee line. KitchenAid Home PageKitchenAid Craft Coffee LineEpisode 1: Get Something Brewing Contact Us! Follow us on Instagram […]

E55 | Interview: Scott Rao

Join Wes, Jesse, and Scott Rao through a series of questions that bring about stories and “gold nuggets” of coffee information. Scott is a coffee professional who was around before “geeking out” over coffee was cool. He is the author of many coffee related books including the very popular The Professional Barista’s Handbook.   Scott […]

INTERVIEW | Chat With Traders: J. Morales

E47 | Chat With Traders: J. Morales Do you ever wonder what coffee traders do? What is the difference between Rain Forest Alliance (RA) and Fair Trade (FTUSA + FLO)? J. Morales has over 6 years of experience with both and you can feel his enthusiasm on the show! Enter into our Coffee Stack contest!– Take […]