E107 | Wanna Be a Roaster?

On today’s episode Jesse is joined by Lee Safar of Elixir Coffee and Sumi Ali of YES PLZ Coffee to discuss an exciting upcoming event in California. Listen on to learn about careers in coffee roasting and how you can jump in. (And btw, this episode includes giveaway info!)*Note that this episode contains profanity.* Related […]

E105 | KitchenAid & Eden-Marie (SPONSORED)

This episode is sponsored exclusively by KitchenAid with a focus on their Home Coffee Machines through the lens of people-focused coffee talk. Guest Eden-Marie Abramowicz tells her story, from dish washer to coffee consultant and everything in between. The winners of our The Coffee Podcast sponsored GIVEAWAY are announced in this episode! References: Bastet Coffee […]

E104 | Coffee News 1.0

This episode covers current events and topics relayed to coffee. Wondering about the world’s most expensive cup? We cover it. New buyouts? You should be in the loop.  A little climate change? Gotta talk about it.  Keep up to date, coffee lovers. References: Daily Coffee News (Nick Brown) — Klatch Offering the $601 Per Pound […]

E102 | The Gap in Coffee Research

We interrupt our regularly scheduled “Coffee in Space” programming for an important sidebar. Jesse is joined by guests Kraig Kraft of Catholic Relief Services, Jeremy from Socratic Coffee, Greg Meenahan from World Coffee Research, and Taylor Minor of Third Wave Water to address a notable problem in coffee: lack of finances and accessibility in research.